The duo Silent Voice are also brothers in real life

Silent Voice is a relentless blend of punk, alternative and metal. «Our songs are for people who want to break out.» Independence is a luxury many don't have. Most take it away from themselves. They stop listening to the inner voice, throw dreams to the wind and get lost - now it's too tight in their own lives and they're stuck. The duo draws inspiration from life. Silent Voice rose as a zombie of the bands Days We Are Even (metal) and Drive (alternative), which were immobilized due to the pandemic. «We were used to the stage. Three of us, four of us, five of us, three of us again, four of us again. There were always dynamics. Then at Lockdown we were stuck with the two of us and so we gave the word to our own inner voice.» Create the universe from the power source you are holding within, the song Headstrong says. Silent Voice is a flame that burns inside. It never goes out, and it can never be stopped, by anything and anyone. Sparks create wildfires. The duo is a force live and sweeps along the audience with immediate impact.